On your resume, LinkedIn Profile, etc. you have the opportunity to lead with a power statement about yourself. Often times I see people waste this space saying something generic like their title in that line. For example I just saw someone’s LinkedIn headline reading, “Store Manager and then the name of the company.”

That’s so boring and it doesn’t really tell what you are capable of doing or why someone should care.

Plus they are going to read that title once they check out your profile. But first you have to get them to click on your profile. And the way to do that is to make your headline more appealing.

So more scrolling in the feed just brought up one that attempted to be more descriptive but ended up being a bit confusing.

“Consulting with companies to trade with confidence.”

What does that mean?

“Collecting your receivables around the globe.”

“Author – Speaker – Advisor” — in what? For what?

“Helping you connect the dots on work and well-being”

Cutesie is not going to cut it. You highlight what you can do.

“Offering business owners tax favorable employee benefits.” Now this is more descriptive. It says what he does and how he will bring value. Clear and focused.

“I expedite your business deals and make sure your contracts say what you want them to.” — this is good but a bit wordy.

“For copywriters: Teaching client-closing and wealth building secrets.”

See how he called out who he is serving and then said what he will do. This is great.

How will you label yourself so that you point out who you serve and what value you can create? Will you hone in on an area of expertise? Will you state what you are seeking in your career? 

Consider how valuable this one headline is at enticing people to check out your online profile or read over your resume. Don’t waste it being vague or restating a job title. And say what you need to say in 10 words or less for full visibility on the main screen. You have slightly more room than that to expand on your description when they click on your profile.

Wishing you the best for your marketing success. ~ Stefanie


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