This episode is full of simple but practical tips you can do within minutes to strengthen the first impression you have on hiring managers.

Most of these tips you have probably heard before. In fact, all of them are public knowledge, promoted in different ways. I’m just putting them all in one spot as a reminder to you to take action. These are so simple, but yet put together, they can have a powerful impact on the impression you make virtually.

All about your email:

Tip 1: Make sure to use an email account you have long-term access to.

You don’t want to use your school email that might expire after you graduate and someone can’t find you because the account is closed.

Tip 2: Make sure your email address is respectful to read.

Go with your name or something about you that is tasteful. Avoid things like easyrednecksally@yahoo.com or hungoverbob@gmail.com.

I just made those up. Sorry if I just insulted your email account,  but clean it up for connecting with hiring managers.

Tip 3: Add an email signature.

An email signature should include the best points of contact to reach you. It can also include a quick tag line about you. A link to your best profile pages and website if you have one. Consider making a signature that looks professional quality through an online signature maker. There are free ones, so this is not something you have to invest in. If you have a techie friend, they can even make you one.

You can include an image of yourself in your email signature to re-enforce your branding.

Tip 4: Once you start sending out inquiries and applications to employers, be sure to monitor your email account regularly and be sure to respond in a timely manner.

Don’t leave a business hanging if they respond to you. Be courteous in your response opening the email with a, “Thank you for following up.” Or “Thank you for reaching out.”

All about the photos:

Tip 1: Clean up your personal profile pics on all social media accounts.

Remove any images that could be embarrassing, look immature, or show you in a negative light.

Get professional-quality images done. Note, I said professional quality, not an expensive photo shoot. Your iPhone has portrait mode that will let you capture amazing quality images that will work just fine. If you don’t have one, borrow from a friend. They can serve as your photographer too. The phone prompts you where to stand when taking the pic in portrait mode. Get a neutral background – no busy images or distractions. But something soft or natural. Neutral means clear of distractions not bland beige wall. Avoid boring, it makes the image look harsh. Go outdoors and pose by the fountain, a brick wall, trees, etc.

Tip 2: Make sure you are the only person in the picture and take the picture as a headshot with a smile on your face. People want to hire someone friendly and nice to be around. Make sure your picture shows you to be such a person.

Tip 3: Consider how professional you look.

This doesn’t mean you have to bust out a suit and pretend to be someone you’re not. It does mean being clean and put together. It means wearing a nice shirt instead of a branded, t-shirt for your sorority or that free t-shirt you got for opening a bank account. Ladies avoid overexposure of the cleavage. Keep it tasteful and clean to show a professional and respectful appearance that still expresses your style through colors and type of clothing.

Tip 4: Use the same profile image across all platforms

This is about branding. Make sure they remember your face so use the same power image on all platforms as your profile pic.

Two quick comments about social:

Tip 1: Make it easy to be found socially.

Use your actual name. Attach your consistent profile image. Just be searchable.

Tip 2: Be responsible in your posting.

Keep in mind that employers will look you up on social media to try to background check you and get an idea of the type of person you are and a sense if you are a right fit for their culture. Consider if the post you are about to make is in line with your identity and reputation. Avoid rants and rages on social. Show yourself in the best light – not a phony light. Be realistic and acknowledge that your social media accounts are a reflection of you.

So like I said at the start of this episode, most of these tips you have probably heard of before. But have you implemented them? If not, get them done. If so, you’re a rock star and I’m so proud of you for taking your job search seriously.

Now coming up next week, I have our first marketing manager interview that I will share clips of with you. This new segment will continue to bring you insights from marketing managers and associates at different levels of marketing, in various roles, discussing responsibilities, best practices, hiring tips, and more. The first interview comes out in one week, on Friday, December 13th. Every one of these is so unique because each person’s perspective brings a different level of insight. On the podcast, we’ll share some clips from the full interviews we share with our members inside of Marketing Launch Society. This way you get some benefits as well.

Wishing you all the best for your marketing success.


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