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You need more to succeed

Sadly your degree has not fully prepared you for a career in marketing

Online marketing has changed everything in the marketing industry – including the skills and expectations employers have of new hires. No longer can you land a job just because you have a degree. In fact, more and more employers, don’t even require a marketing degree. Meaning you are competing against an even larger pool of applicants who have developed their skillset instead of going to college (or at least not majoring in marketing).

The competition is only increasing, but the good news so is the need for quality, competent marketers, as more and more businesses seek to expand their reach and increase market share. They need you! Are you ready?

What’s in it for you?

How coaching and accountability from Marketing Launch Society will help you

Marketing Launch Society was designed to provide you with the most direct path to acquiring the skills and experience you need to properly position yourself to employers so you can launch your marketing career in the most effective way.

Here is a list of what you get as a member of Marketing Launch Society:

  1. Weekly coaching calls for guidance and direction
  2. On-going accountability to keep you moving forward
  3. Supportive community of equally motivated peers
  4. Hear insights from real marketers and hiring managers
  5. Resources to help you launch your career
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